University of North Carolina Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina


The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) is a nationally ranked university that has been experiencing both enrollment and reputational growth over the past decade. In April 2017, UNCW released a plan to expand on-campus student housing in 2021-2022. However, many of the residence halls suffered irreparable damage due to Hurricane Florence in September 2018, forcing the university to accelerate the housing project.

UNCW partnered with Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions, a leading developer of college and university infrastructure projects, to build four new residence halls to house approximately 1,800 students. The buildings would also provide a variety of amenities including 3,500 square feet of dining space, a learning center and group study areas.

The HVAC equipment used for the project’s initial basis of design (BOD) featured a 2-pipe Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system that couldn’t fit above the drop ceiling, meet ASHRAE Standard 15 safety requirements, or provide the desired level of control and integration with UNCW’s campus-wide Building Automation System (BAS).  


Insight Partners, a Samsung manufacturer representative with offices in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, approached the project’s key decision makers to present a new design that featured Samsung’s DVM S Heat Recovery VRF system to eliminate the complexities of the existing design and ensure UNCW’s wants and needs were met.

Samsung’s 3-pipe DVM S Heat Recovery system requires the use of Mode Control Units (MCUs), commonly known as branch boxes, to allow indoor units to operate simultaneously in heating and cooling. Samsung’s MCU boxes feature a pipe-through design for serial piping (MCU to MCU) and don’t require a condensate drain connection which greatly reduces the amount of piping required for the project.

With less piping, the mechanical contractor was able to fit all required trades/materials, such as refrigerant piping, fire sprinkler system piping, ductwork, and electrical conduit in the limited space above the drop ceiling. Additionally, this reduced the amount of refrigerant the system required, met the ASHRAE 15 Standard, and eliminated the use refrigerant monitors that were mandatory for the initial BOD.

Dorm rooms feature the Wind-Free™* 1-Way Cassette with Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free™* Cooling technology which allows the unit to maintain the desired temperature in the space and eliminates cold drafts to provide students with a comfortable living environment. Every dorm has its own touchscreen wired controller and an instruction card to educate students on how to operate the equipment. The design also incorporated Samsung’s DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway to accommodate the need for central control, access of sequence of operation, and integration with UNCW’s BAS.

Before start-up, Insight Partners utilized Samsung’s Mobile Training Center to conduct the DVM S Advance Service and Troubleshooting training course for UNCW’s Facilities Department to ensure they were prepared to support the system. Ultimately, Insight Partners provided an HVAC solution with Samsung’s superior products and innovative technology that reduced the amount of labor and materials from the initial BOD by 76,800 feet of copper piping, 1,108 refrigerant monitors, and 3,713.6 pounds of R410A refrigerant, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

*The Wind-Free™ unit delivers an air current that is under 0.15 m/s while in Wind-Free™ mode. Air velocity that is below 0.15 m/s is considered "still air" as defined by ASHRAE 55-2013 (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers).



  • 6 to 44 tons

DVM S systems offer a wide range of sizes, system combinations, and control options, providing flexible designs and applications.

Wind-Free™* 1-Way Cassette

  • 7K / 9K / 12K

Meet Samsung's exclusive Wind-Free™* 1-Way Cassettes. The coolest technology you'll never feel. The Wind-Free™* 1-Way Cassette keeps you comfortable without a breeze.

Multi-Position Air Handler

  • 12K / 18K / 24K / 30K / 36K / 48K / 54K / 60K / 72K

Samsung's MPAH provides a wide range of capacities and offers the convenience of a common-style indoor unit with our DVM S system.

-40° Low Ambient Cooling System

  • 18K / 24K / 30K / 36K

Keep things cool. This cooling-only system with low ambient cooling capability down to -40°* is ideal for machine and computer rooms and other commercial applications.

Individual Wired Controller

Samsung offers a variety of wired controllers to provide the desired level of control and user interface preferences suitable for any application.

Touch Centralized Controller

The Touch Centralized Controller can be connected directly to the system or through DMS 2.5, BACnet, or LonWorks gateways.

Central Controls

Samsung’s Data Management Server (DMS 2.5) is a standalone web server that allows control and monitoring of Samsung residential, light commercial, and commercial systems.  

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