DVM Whisper

  • Available Capacities (Btu/h)
  • 5K / 7K / 9K / 12K / 15K / 18K / 24K / 28K

A master of power and efficiency.

With its unique triangular design and motorized vertical (up/down) auto-swing louver, the DVM Whisper delivers air faster and farther than a conventional high wall unit.

The DVM Whisper is equipped with a large fan which can operate at a lower RPM to reduce noise level while maintaining optimal airflow.

  • Features

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      Access wire, pipe, and drain connections through a removable bottom panel for easier installation and service.

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      Electro-static, washable, pleated filter included with unit (accessible from the front/top of the unit).

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      The DVM Whisper is equipped with a removable EEPROM chip on the main circuit board to store unit option settings, serial number, unit tag, and other field programmed data. This allows for ease of startup, commissioning, product registration, and future service work when using Samsung service software (S-Net Pro2).

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    • Pairs With

      DVM S
      6 ton
      DVM S
      8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ton
      DVM S
      18 ton

      DVM S Max Heat®
      6 and 8 ton

      DVM S Eco
      3, 4, and 4.5 ton
      DVM S Eco
      5 ton

      DVM S Water
      1 Ø
      3.18, 3.98, and 4.55 ton
      DVM S Water
      3 Ø
      6, 8, and 10 ton
      DVM S Water
      3 Ø
      46 and 20 ton

    • Controls

      Advanced Wired ControllerTouchscreen
      Wired Controller
      Wired Controller

      Thermostat AdapterWireless Controller

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