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  • Management at its best.

Management at its best.

S-NET 3 is a sophisticated network management program that controls and monitors a complete air conditioning network system. The S-NET Series provides flexible and complete control for a variety of applications.

  • S-NET 3

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    • Fully integrated PC management software
    • For projects using multiple DMS controllers
    • Control and monitoring
    • Power distribution management and consumption reporting
    • Error and operation history
    • Scheduling
    • Zone control
    • Restriction setting
    • Temperature setting for up to 4,096 indoor units

S-NET 3 can be used for troubleshooting, updating indoor unit firmware, installation option code writing, Main/ RMC/ MCU address modification, outdoor unit EEPROM writing, and reporting for installation and cyle information.

S-NET 3 is available for download at samsunghvac.com

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