Packaged DOAS

  • Available Capacities
  • 3 to 70 tons

The ultimate fresh air solution.

Up to 20,000 CFM, systems range from 3 to 70 tons, have multiple heat source options, and integrate with Samsung central controls for simplified operation.

Bundle your Samsung HVAC systems with our Fresh Access™ packaged DOAS units to provide a total HVAC solution for your customers. We provide start-up and commissioning supervision so support after installation is simple and painless.

  • Features


      Full phase liquid refrigerant sub-cooling provides greater dehumidification capacity in a more compact footprint. This enhanced sub-cooling results in reducing the evaporator temperature while boosting latent capacity of the system with no increase in compressor power consumption.


      Exhaust and condenser fans with high efficiency, ODP (Open Drip Proof) or TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) fan motors (Optional ECM (Electrically Commutated Motor)) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to improve energy efficiency.


      The energy recovery module pre-conditions fresh air with leaving exhaust air to help curtail energy usage.


      Fabricated of aluminum fins and mechanically expanded, seamless copper refrigeration tubing to help ensure long-term heat transfer from tube to fin.

  • Brochures & Literature

    • General Information


      • 2 in. thick double wall construction
      • Two-coat, primer-paint finish on exterior of galvanized steel cabinet panels
      • Sloped, stainless steel drain pan
      • Aluminum fin, copper tube evaporator coils


      • Direct-drive supply, exhaust and condenser fans
      • Improve indoor air quality with standard pre-filters
      • Phase/voltage monitor to help detect abnormalities in electric supply
      • Variable head pressure control to help ensure proper unit operation at low ambient conditions


      • Access to evaporator, hot gas reheat and sub-cooling coils through hinged access door; liquid, suction and discharge line service ports provide access when charging refrigerant or monitoring system
      • Touch-safe control panel for service technicians
      • Optional 115V GFCI electric receptacle
    • Upgrades

      • 6-row intertwined cooling coils for enhanced moisture removal capacity and unloading control

      • Micro-channel condensing coils for air-cooled units with 4 or less condenser fans (excludes heat pump configured products). Micro-channel coils reduce weight and charge.

      • Redesigned C-cabinet for 350,000 Btu/h and 400,000 Btu/h furnaces with reduced footprint and weight to allow higher heating capacity

      • Bitzer scroll compressors with variable speed capability modulation with integrated VFD for 20 ton units (240,000 Btu/h and larger) 

      • Optional variable speed compressor modulation with integrated VFD for 20 ton units (240,000 Btu/h and larger) providing soft-starting, reduced noise, and improved efficiency compared to digital scroll options.

      • Optional hot water heating coil located in the gas/electric heat section for simplified field piping and easy maintenance.

      • Optional clear coated 10,000 hour corrosion protection. Clear coating improves aesthetics and streamlines production without compromising protection.

    Additional Information

    The Fresh Access™ packaged DOAS unit can provide up to 100% outside air to meet ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requirements for fresh air and energy efficiency.

    The Fresh Access™ packaged DOAS is custom built to order.