Samsung HVAC - RLC Introduction and Installation (RAC-CAC-FJM)

RLC Introduction and Installation (RAC-CAC-FJM)

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8 Hr. Instructor-led Training

Course Description:

This is a one-day training to introduce the Samsung Residential Light Commercial inverter heat pump systems which includes the RAC, CAC and FJM mini split product lines. The training includes the “MAX Heat” and “Low Ambient Cooling” cooling-only models. The inverter technology is explained along with the main system components that are included in each product line. All of the system operations and unique features of each product line are thoroughly reviewed along with the specified installation practices and procedures. Each product line has a unique offering of accessories which are reviewed including installation.


This course is designed for HVAC contractors and field installers, sales personnel and engineers. Attendees should be trained and experienced in heat pump systems and refrigeration standard installation practices.

What to bring:

All class materials are provided

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Available downloads for this course:

AC009KNLDCH_Indoor Installation User's Manual English pdf.pdf

AC009KNLDCH_Service Manual pdf.pdf

AC009KXADCHAA_AC0 09 12 18 J(K)XADCHAA Installation Manual English.pdf

AC012MNADCH_CAC High Wall Unit Service Manual.pdf

AC012MNADCH_Indoor Unit Installation and User Manual English.pdf

AC018JN4DCH_4-Way Cassette Service Manual.pdf

AC018JN4DCH_Indoor unit Installation English pdf.pdf

AC018JNHDCH_CAC HSP Duct Service Manual.pdf

AC018JNHDCH_MSP Duct Installation an User Manual English.pdf

AC018KN4DCH_CAC 360 Cassette Service Manual pdf.pdf

AC018KNZDCH_Indoor Installation Manual English.pdf

AC018KNZDCH_Service Manual.pdf

AC018MNHDCH_CAC Duct S Service Manual.pdf

AC018MNHDCH_Duct S Installation and User Manual_English.pdf

AC018MXSCCCAA_AC0 MXSCCC Low Ambient Outdoor Installation Manual ENGLISH.pdf

AC024KN4DCH_CAC 360 Indoor User Manual English pdf.pdf

AC030JN4DCH_4-Way Cassette NORDIC Service Manual.pdf

AC030JN4DCH_Nordic Outdoor Unit Service Manual.pdf

AC030JNHDCH_Nordic Outdoor Unit Service Manual.pdf

AJ007JNADCH_AJ0 JNADCH Installation Manual English.pdf

AJ009JNLDCH_AJ0 JNLDCH Installation and User Manual English.pdf

AJ009JNNDCH_FJM Mini 4 Way Installation Manual English.pdf

AJ009JNNDCH_Service Manual.pdf

AJ020JCJ2CH_AJ020JCJ2CH and AJ024JCJ3CH Installation Manual English.pdf

AJ020JCJ2CH_Service Manual.pdf

AJ020MCS3CH_Max Heat FJM Installation Manual ENGLISH.pdf

AQN09VFUAGM_Installation User Manual


AR09JSALBWKXCV_Novus Installation User Manual English.pdf

AR09JSALBWKXCV_Novus Service Manual.pdf

AR09KSFPDWQN_Installation User Manual English.pdf

AR09KSWDHWK_Installation User Manual English.pdf

AR09KSWSJWKNCV_Installation User Manual English.pdf

AR09KSWSPWK_Installation User Manual English.pdf

AR09KSWSPWK_Max Heat RAC Service Manual.pdf

AR09MSWXCWKXCV_Installation and User Manual English.pdf

AR09MSWXCWKXCV_Wind Free Service Manual.pdf

RLC05 RLC Intro & Install Rev 1.1 Print Version.pdf

RLC05 RLC Intro & Install Rev 1.0 Canada Version.pdf