HVAC Solutions

Breathe fresh air.

Looking for a way to improve your indoor air quality? Check out the Samsung WindFree™* 3.0i mini split system. In addition to a pre-filter, the WindFree™* 3.0i comes with a PM 1.0 filter, an air filtering combination so effective it can capture dust particles smaller than the human eye can see.

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Comfort you can count on. And control.

Equipped with variable speed compressor technology, Samsung’s FJM Max Heat® provides comfort you can count on—and control with precision. This outdoor unit is compatible with a variety of indoor units, offering customers more ways to zone their space and customize their comfort with a system that operates at maximum efficiency across climates and seasons. Occupying only a small footprint, the compact and energy-efficient FJM Max Heat® unit can help lower customers’ utility bills and may qualify for additional cost-saving rebates.

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Mini splits with major advantages.

The new WindFree™* 3.0 series from Samsung provides both easier, simplified installation and improved operational efficiency. With products that come equipped with features like an energy-saving Motion Detection Sensor (MDS) and a Freeze Wash function that helps maintain optimal performance by quickly frosting, defrosting and washing away dust and dirt, the WindFree™* 3.0 series puts innovation on full display. By continuing to develop this product line, advanced WindFree™* Cooling technology is in, uncomfortable cold drafts are out.

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More tools for success? That's preferred.

As a new kind of HVAC company committed to offering the highest quality HVAC solutions, products, and services, we aim to partner with compatible HVAC contractors and distributors. Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealers get access to exclusive tools to help manage their business. Fill out our Prospective Dealer Questionnaire and begin the process of obtaining our dealer benefits.

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HVAC Training

We offer distributors, spec reps, and contractors an extensive list of HVAC training courses to provide in-depth guidance on installation, service, and maintenance of Samsung heating and cooling products, from our residential, light commercial, and commercial lines. Attendees can choose the training option that fits their schedule between live classes, online courses, and webinars in our Samsung Business Academy (SBA).

Training campuses:

  • Roanoke, Texas  
  • Santa Fe Springs, California
  • Mobile Training Center

Trusted HVAC solutions.

For innovative heating and cooling solutions, trust a Samsung professional to find the best HVAC system for your home.


Taking innovation personal.

Add your company logo or favorite color to your 360 Cassette to further personalize the look and feel of your space.

The Samsung 360 Cassette features:

  • Bladeless design
  • Directional airflow control
  • Maximize energy savings
  • Different style options
  • Easy access
  • Advanced commissioning and service
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Innovation is in the air.

Most HVAC companies maintain the status quo, Samsung never will. We’re bringing progressive thinking to Residential, Light Commercial, and Commercial HVAC to help you find the best HVAC system for your needs.

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Locate an HVAC pro.

Whether you're in search of the best HVAC system for your home, or looking to install a commercial HVAC system, Samsung can help.


Meet Samsung HVAC

We’re an HVAC company like no other. Dedicated to bringing HVAC solutions to our clients and yours, Samsung distributes heating and cooling products in the United States and Canada. We offer a variety of products and services targeted to a wide array of clients looking for commercial, light commercial, and residential HVAC. 

We also offer training to distributors, spec reps, and contractors, ensuring the best quality service on all levels of our distribution process.


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