Plays well with others.

The new Free Joint Multi (FJM) multi-zone residential and light commercial systems give your customers even more to love! With higher capacities for our outdoor units and five compatible indoor unit options, you're giving customers even more ways to take control of their comfort. 


Get preferential treatment.

At Samsung HVAC, we proudly provide support, sales tools, and incentives to our dealers. And now, Preferred Dealers receive more benefits. Why? Because we're fully committed to helping our dealers succeed.

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A great deal for dealers.

Easily access Samsung HVAC system information while installing or servicing a unit at the job by scanning the product barcode. The various tools on the Samsung HVAC Mobile App offer you amazing support with a quick tap on a mobile device.

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Innovation is in the air.

Most HVAC companies maintain the status quo, Samsung never will. We’re bringing progressive thinking to Residential, Light Commercial, and Commercial HVAC.

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