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Universal Communication Kit For Third-party AHU's (MCM–D211UN and MXD-A**K100E(U))

Universal Comm. Kit (UCK) is an adapter that allows connection of custom, third-party air handling units (AHU) to DVM S systems. UCK consists of a control PCB that can support up to four EEV's (electronic expansion valves), pipe and air sensors, and EEV's (purchased separately). EEV models MXD-A24K100E, MXD-A32K100E, MXD-A40K100E, and MXD-A64K100E are purchased separately. UCK can be used for standard air handling units or for 100% outside air systems. Single kit capacity range: 7,000 Btu/h ~ 384,000 Btu/h (32 tons). 

Features include: 

  • • Economizer output for connection to third-party economizer controller (cooling thermal-ON output), 
    • • Free cooling input – used with economizer controller to let UCK know it is providing “free cooling” to shut ODU off and still operate fan and provide a cooling mode set temperature 
      • • Up to 4 EEV connection 
      • • Enthalpy sensor (field provided) connection for return air use 
      • • Discharge air temperature control, 
      • • Ventilation damper control – 2~10VDC output with customizable settings, 
      • • DOAS setting – can be used as standard AHU that uses indoor air or DOAS that uses 100% outside air, 
      • • Simple BMS control can be used to control set temperature or discharge air temperature when using discharge air control (0 ~ 10V input). Mode can also be changed with a dry contact input.

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