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Reference projects are a great way to show new and potential customers the benefits of using Samsung products. Therefore, we’ve created a very simple manner for you to submit case studies and help us build a library of valuable information. 

The ultimate HVAC solution.

With design flexibility, premium comfort, and superior performance, Samsung DVM S air conditioning systems offer just the right solution for any application.

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Tenth and Main

Boise, Idaho

DVM S Heat Recovery, DVM S Eco, WindFree™* Mini 4-Way Cassette, WindFree™* 4-Way Cassette, Duct S, HSP Duct, Multi-Position Air Handler, DVM Whisper, Premium Wired Controller, DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway, and LACH Kit.

Samsung HVAC and Norbryhn Equipment Company teamed up to restore one of the oldest mixed-use building in Boise.
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The Olana by Walter Wedding Estates

Hickory Creek, Texas

DVM S Heat Recovery, Multi-Position Air Handler, Fresh Access™ Split DOAS, Touch Centralized Controller, DMS 2.5

Find out how Samsung HVAC helped create a great atmosphere at a luxury wedding and event venue near Dallas, Texas.
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The Kapiolani Residence

Honolulu, Hawaii

DVM S, 360 Cassette, Free Joint Multi (FJM), and Smart Whisper

Delivering cutting-edge features and zone control while keeping utility costs at a minimum for residents.
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Hotel Saint Louis

Saint Louis, Missouri

DVM S Heat Recovery, Slim Duct, Premium Wired Controller

Find out how Samsung HVAC helped maximize revenue-generating space at this historic building without encroaching on its vintage design.
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Divine Lorraine Apartments

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DVM S Heat Recovery, Mini 4-Way Cassette, Slim Duct, Pulse Input Module (PIM), DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway

Samsung HVAC and Pennergy Solutions teamed up to help restore one of America’s most historic buildings in Philadelphia.
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Crimson Diner + Whiskey Bar

Washington, D.C.

DVM S Heat Pump, DVM S Heat Recovery, HSP Duct, OAP Duct, Multi-Position Air Handler, MSP Duct, Touchscreen Wired Controller

Crimson is a hot spot in Washington, D.C., and as multi-purpose dining space, each area has different air conditioning needs.
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Washington, D.C.

DVM S Heat Recovery, Slim Duct, Floor Standing, Mini 4-Way Cassette

Providing a comfortable atmosphere to enhance the fine dining experience
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Crider Health Center

St. Charles, Missouri

DVM S Heat Recovery, Mini 4-Way Cassette, 1-Way Cassette

Providing superior medical care with Samsung HVAC’s DVM S Heat Recovery
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Park Road Baptist Church

Charlotte, North Carolina

DVM Chiller, DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway, DVM Chiller Module Controller

Applying zone control and occupancy-based scheduling to reduce energy consumption
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