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Reference projects are a great way to show new and potential customers the benefits of using Samsung products. Therefore, we’ve created a very simple manner for you to submit case studies and help us build a library of valuable information. 

The ultimate HVAC solution.

With design flexibility, premium comfort, and superior performance, Samsung DVM S air conditioning systems offer just the right solution for any application.

featured case studies

DISD Wilmer Hutchins High School

Dallas, Texas

DVM Chiller

Together with IDA Engineers and McMillan James Equipment Company, Samsung HVAC did their homework to ensure a south Dallas high school would be kept comfortable before classes resumed.
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Tenth and Main

Boise, Idaho

DVM S Heat Recovery, DVM S Eco, WindFree™* Mini 4-Way Cassette, WindFree™* 4-Way Cassette, Duct S, HSP Duct, Multi-Position Air Handler, DVM Whisper, Premium Wired Controller, DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway, and LACH Kit.

Samsung HVAC and Norbryhn Equipment Company teamed up to restore one of the oldest mixed-use building in Boise.
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The Olana by Walter Wedding Estates

Hickory Creek, Texas

DVM S Heat Recovery, Multi-Position Air Handler, Fresh Access™ Split DOAS, Touch Centralized Controller, DMS 2.5

Find out how Samsung HVAC helped create a great atmosphere at a luxury wedding and event venue near Dallas, Texas.
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The Kapiolani Residence

Honolulu, Hawaii

DVM S, 360 Cassette, Free Joint Multi (FJM), and Smart Whisper

Delivering cutting-edge features and zone control while keeping utility costs at a minimum for residents.
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Hotel Saint Louis

Saint Louis, Missouri

DVM S Heat Recovery, Slim Duct, Premium Wired Controller

Find out how Samsung HVAC helped maximize revenue-generating space at this historic building without encroaching on its vintage design.
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Divine Lorraine Apartments

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DVM S Heat Recovery, Mini 4-Way Cassette, Slim Duct, Pulse Input Module (PIM), DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway

Samsung HVAC and Pennergy Solutions teamed up to help restore one of America’s most historic buildings in Philadelphia.
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Crimson Diner + Whiskey Bar

Washington, D.C.

DVM S Heat Pump, DVM S Heat Recovery, HSP Duct, OAP Duct, Multi-Position Air Handler, MSP Duct, Touchscreen Wired Controller

Crimson is a hot spot in Washington, D.C., and as multi-purpose dining space, each area has different air conditioning needs.
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Washington, D.C.

DVM S Heat Recovery, Slim Duct, Floor Standing, Mini 4-Way Cassette

Providing a comfortable atmosphere to enhance the fine dining experience
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Crider Health Center

St. Charles, Missouri

DVM S Heat Recovery, Mini 4-Way Cassette, 1-Way Cassette

Providing superior medical care with Samsung HVAC’s DVM S Heat Recovery
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Park Road Baptist Church

Charlotte, North Carolina

DVM Chiller, DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway, DVM Chiller Module Controller

Applying zone control and occupancy-based scheduling to reduce energy consumption
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