Crider Health Center

St. Charles, Missouri


The Crider Health Center opened their new facility in St. Charles, Missouri in July of 2015 to provide citizens in the surrounding area with a full continuum of behavioral health services and support primary and dental health services.  

The building acquired for the facility was equipped with old rooftop HVAC units.  The design team realized this would be a key issue for their client and began researching alternative solution. The system needed to be efficient, allow users to adjust individual climate settings, and ensure air from one space would not be transferred to another. 


Based on their needs and the information presented by NSC Applied Products Group (APG), the St. Louis based Samsung specification representative, the Crider design team decided to explore the Samsung DVM S variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system as the basis of design for the project.

Many of the benefits of the Samsung DVM S system matched the client’s needs for their intended HVAC systems.  The design team worked with NSC APG to select the Samsung 4-Way Cassette and 1-Way Cassette to ensure air from one space was not transferred to another through ductwork. Due to its zoning capabilities, Samsung’s DVM S Heat Recovery technology allows users to adjust individual climate settings, making it a perfect fit for the medical center featuring 10 operating rooms, as well as 125 individual offices and examination rooms. 

Samsung DVM S features several smart technologies that combine world-class efficiency and economy to achieve a high Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER).  As a result, the building qualified for an energy saving rebate from the local utility provider.



  • 6 to 44 tons

DVM S systems offer a wide array of sizes and system combinations and control options, providing flexible designs and applications.

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