Crimson Diner + Whiskey Bar

Washington, D.C.


As multi-purpose dining space, each area of the restaurant has different air conditioning needs. The Coffee Bar, located in a high traffic area, requires a strong air conditioning system to maintain a pleasant environment. For the main dining room and Whiskey Bar, where people sit for long periods of time, customers want mild and stable cooling without cold drafts.


Samsung DVM S Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Systems
   ●   Zone control
   ●   Simultaneous heating and cooling
   ●   Smaller footprint
   ●   Enhanced occupant comfort



  • 6 to 44 tons

DVM S systems offer a wide array of sizes and system combinations and control options, providing flexible designs and applications.

HSP Duct

  • 54K / 76K / 96K

With the capability to handle static pressure up to 1.1 in. WC, the High Static Pressure (HSP) Duct provides exspansive coverage with outstanding cooling and heating performance.

OAP Duct

  • 72K / 96K

The Outside Air Processing (OAP) Duct is an efficient outside air processing solution that treats and introduces fresh air for conditioned zones.

Multi-Position Air Handler

  • 12K / 18K / 24K / 30K / 36K / 48K / 54K / 60K / 72K

This highly adaptable Multi-Position Air Handler can be installed in numerous positions for added installation flexibility.

Touchscreen Wired Controller

Samsung offers a variety of wired controllers to provide the desired level of control and user interface preferences suitable for any application.

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