Park Road Baptist Church

Charlotte, North Carolina


The church needed to replace an outdated chiller with a new system that was quiet, efficient, easy to install, and offered the ability to schedule operation to properly condition the space for services and other activities throughout the week.


The DVM Chiller's compact size and modular design reduces the time, cost, and effort required to transport, move, and install a system. Like DVM S outdoor units, the DVM Chiller can modulate its capacity depending on the requirements of various zones to improve occupant comfort. 

By using Samsung's Data Management Server (DMS) 2.5 + BACnet Gateway, administrators can monitor on-site air conditioning needs and adjust the system remotely to improve energy efficiency.


DVM Chiller

  • 10 to 240 tons

This easy to expand, modular unit combines the benefits of VRF and Chiller systems.

DMS 2.5 + BACnet Gateway

This gateway provides the functions of DMS 2.5 and serves as an interface for the BACnet management system.

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