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Split DOAS

  • Available Capacities
  • 1,200, 2,000, and 3,000 CFM

The split indoor section is equipped with a main (cooling) DX coil and reheat coil to dehumidify 100% outside air and provide fresh neutral air to the space.

The Fresh Access™ DOAS split system series is designed with DVM S Heat Recovery air-cooled and water-cooled outdoor units to provide 100% outside air.

  • AC Features

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      Uses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control fan speed. The unit is programmed and wired for Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H) fan speeds as standard, but can be programmed/configured for fixed fan speed.

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      Dual-coil units cool the incoming air to dehumidify then warms it back up to neutral temperatures. The split DOAS unit has an enthalpy sensor in the return air stream, before the cooling coil. An enthalpy sensor is included to manage the system logic based on incoming outside air.

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      Discharge temperature setting range from 64.4˚F - 109˚F (18˚C - 43˚C). This is a simple setting range. Pipe lengths, incoming air temperature, and actual discharge air temperature range will vary by model. Discharge air control via BACnet, wired controller, or Samsung DMS 2.5.

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    Additional Information

    *Requires 1 Heat Recovery MCU (Mode Control Unit) per split system to connect to DVM S Heat Recovery outdoor units (DVM S or DVM S Water).

    Systems should be selected and designed using the DVM Pro design software.

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