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Pulse Input Module

  • Keep a pulse on things.

Keep a pulse on things.

Used in conjunction with the DMS 2.5 Gateways, the Pulse Input Module (PIM) can monitor and record energy consumption from Samsung indoor units or pulse signals from other devices from water, gas, and electricity meters.

  • Pulse Input Module (PIM)

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    General Information

    • Energy consumption data can be reviewed through Samsung DMS 2.5, BACnet Gateway, LonWorks Gateway, or S-NET 3 software. 
    • Compatible with Samsung DVM S Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems
    • Maximum of 8 Pulse Input Modules (PIM) can be connected to a single Samsung gateway or controller. 


    • Interface with pulse-type electricity meters for electricity billing system
    • Pulse-type gas/water meter compatibility 
    • Pulse coefficient setting (1 wH/pulse - 1000 wH/pulse)
    • Pulse width setting (20 ms - 1000 ms)
    • Current time setting and display
    • Configuration information display on LCD
    • Error display (communication, out-of-range, pulse width, etc.)

Please refer to technical documents for all control options, features, and specifications.

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