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Thermostat Adapter

  • Have a mastery of the conditions.

Have a mastery of the conditions.

Our thermostat adapter makes it simple to use your favorite conventional 24VAC thermostat to control a Samsung indoor unit.

  • Thermostat Adapter

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    • Basic control of:
    • Power: ON/OFF
    • Mode: Heat, Cool, Fan (auto, low, medium, high)
    • Supports 1 or 2 stages cooling inputs and heating inputs
    • 16 cooling mode and 16 heating mode set temperature options for increased occupant comfort and optimization of Auto fan speed control.
    • Separate Thermal-ON and Thermal-OFF fan speed options when using a single fan (G) input.
    • Can be configured to operate the Samsung indoor unit as primary heating source, secondary heating source, or cooling only with heat from an external source only
    • External contact input to disable the unit when contact is opened
    • "Emergency Heat" output to enable an external heating source when the unit is in heating Thermal-ON while in error status.
    • Connects to the indoor unit F3/F4 “local layer” communication line

Please refer to technical documents for all control options, features, and specifications.

A field provided 24VAC transformer is required. Samsung Multi-Position Air Handling units contain a 24VAC transformer.

The thermostat adapter connects to the F3/F4 system line.

Note: Samsung central controls cannot be used to control indoor units when using a Samsung thermostat adapter but monitoring only. The thermostat adapter will have priority when other controller devices are used and may cause undesired operation.

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