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Comfort you can count on. And control.

Equipped with variable speed compressor technology, Samsung’s FJM Max Heat® provides comfort you can count on—and control with precision. This outdoor unit is compatible with a variety of indoor units, offering customers more ways to zone their space and customize their comfort with a system that operates at maximum efficiency across climates and seasons. Occupying only a small footprint, the compact and energy-efficient FJM Max Heat® unit can help lower customers’ utility bills and may qualify for additional cost-saving rebates.

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  • Get inside your
    comfort zone.

    Multi-zone system featuring variable speed compressor technology delivers the perfect amount of heating or cooling.

  • Wherever, whenever.  

    A high SEER2 rating means greater efficiency for every season, in any climate.

  • Save energy— and
    then some.

    Rebates on qualifying HVAC products could mean cost savings for eligible customers—in addition to lower utility bills.

  • Plays well with others.

    Compatibility with many types of indoor units gives customers more ways to take control of their comfort.

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