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Meet the new WindFree™* residential mini split lineup.

Samsung’s WindFree™* systems give your customers amazing comfort throughout the home. They also feature built-in Wi-Fi so customers can adjust the temperature via voice commands with Bixby 2.0^ and even monitor settings and performance remotely with Samsung’s SmartThings app† to ensure pure, maximum comfort.

  • No more cold drafts.
    WindFree™* 2.0 models only
  • Enhanced performance for enhanced comfort.
    WindFree™* 2.0 models only
  • The future of comfort is here.
    WindFree™* 2.0 models only

Check out the additional details:


    Our WindFree™* 2.0 and WindFree™* 2.0e units come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing voice control with Bixby 2.0^ and monitoring from anywhere with an internet connection through Samsung’s SmartThings app†. Users can remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real time updates about performance and daily energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed.


    AI Auto Mode monitors factors such as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, set temperature, and operating time to learn the patterns within your home to automatically adjust system operation to maximize occupant comfort.

*The WindFree™ unit delivers an air current that is under 0.15 m/s while in WindFree™ mode. Air velocity that is below 0.15 m/s is considered "still air" as defined by ASHRAE 55-2013 (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers). ^Bixby voice recognizes English (U.S.), Mandarin Chinese and Korean. Not all accents, dialects, and expressions are recognized. The list of features that can be controlled by voice command via Bixby will continue to expand. Mobile functionality compatible with Samsung Galaxy 8 series or higher with Bixby function. Samsung Account log-in and data network (Wi-Fi or internet connection) required to fully operate Bixby features. †Available for download on the Google™ Play store and App Store®. A network connection is required. Samsung application account is necessary. © 2022 Samsung HVAC

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