Samsung HVAC - DVM S Commissioning and Configuration

DVM S Commissioning and Configuration

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8 Hr. Instructor-led Training

Course Description:

This one-day training class begins with an introduction to the Samsung SNET Pro 2 service software tool: how to launch it, set it up and use its unique features to commission, configure and monitor all DVM S systems. The course explains step by step, how to properly commission the DVM S system. The addressing procedures are explained and how to program the service and operation option settings. The installation and configuration of the external controls and modules are explained in detail.


This course is designed for VRF field service technicians, sales personnel, engineers and VRF controls technicians. Attendees should have a general knowledge of DDC controls and how they function.

What to bring:

Basic class materials are provided. It is recommended to bring a company laptop to download the DVM Pro 2 software or use pre-loaded DVM Pro 2 service software for class exercises and demonstrations.

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